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About Us

What is FUNPAREY and What Does it Stand For?

1) Funparey is an organization which supports the artisans of Pakistan who make unique hand made goods in the handcraft or cottage industries.

2) Funparey focuses on presenting these crafts to a vast market in order to advance the socioeconomic development within the community in Pakistan.

3) Funparey is the trade name for the store of novelty for art and crafts in Pakistan with an online market that ships worldwide.

What is Our Vision and Mission Statement?

• Our Vision:

We seek to offer a transparent and satisfying eCommerce experience to our customers, publicize the community that has some of the most capable hand craftsmen – and, like the roots of a rosewood tree, spread our branches as we grow throughout the world.

• Our Mission:

To preserve the existence of artisan trade, and propel their creativity and talent to collectors and aesthetes all over the globe while investing back in the community.


What Shipping Methods Are Available?

Funparey offers Over land shipping for orders in Pakistan. We provide free shipping for orders in Pakistan.

Do You Ship Internationally?

Yes, We offer international shipping as well. However international shipping is charged for in accordance with Tariffs, fees, custom duty levied by the authorities.

How Long Will It Take To Get My Package?

For orders in Pakistan,  your order can take minimum 2-4 days to reach you.
For International orders, your shipment may take a minimum of 20-30 days to reach you.
In case there is a delay in shipment, the customer is notified about such via email or call.


What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

We operate in accordance with the Cash on Delivery Model for orders in Pakistan. Where a customer only pays, upon receiving the order.

For international orders, payments for orders are made in advance via Bank Deposit/Wire into Company operated accounts only.

For international orders customers use XOOM, Transfer Wise, Send Value or  conventional bank wires to send advance payments.

Is Buying On-Line Safe on Funparey?

Funparey operates on the COD (Cash on Delivery) model in Pakistan where a customer only pays upon receiving the correct products. This way our customers have more control, and no sensitive payment information of theirs is saved on our servers.

We have stringent policies and methods in placed to ensure smooth processing of the orders to ensure our customer’s satisfaction during and after sales.
If you’d like to contact us regarding your order or want to bring something to our attention, please email us anytime at or or call 0317 111 7333.

Orders & Returns

How Do I Place An Order?

Online: Add a product you like from our website to your virtual cart, proceed to the checkout page, add a few details about yourself, like your name, number and delivery address and click checkout. Your order has been placed and we will contact you for order confirmation.

Social Media: Get in touch with the online sales team, via commenting/replying/tweeting on the product post, or selecting the product for checkout on the social media based store from our official social media pages. Our team will contact you directly on the same medium, take in a few details from you for shipment and that’s it. Your order with us has been placed.

Via Phone: Call us on our phone number: 0317 1117333. Tell us about the product you would like to order. The quickest way to do this is to remember the product SKU Number (a Unique Product identity code which is Displayed on the product’s  page). Our Representative will take a few details from you for shipment and that’s it. Your order has been placed.

How Can I Cancel Or Change My Order?

Please call us or Whatsapp call us within 5 hours of placing an order with us if you want to cancel your order, or change it.

You can also reach out to us on our social media pages or email us to cancel your order or make changes into it.

Do I Need an Account to Place an Order?

Having an Account on Funparey, not only enables you to keep a track of your purchases with us, but you can also benefit from loyalty discounts and deals against your previous order history if it is saved with us.

Alternatively, you can simply choose not to make an account by simply checking out/place an order while unchecking the “Make an account” field which is displayed in the checkout page.

How Do I Track My Order?

Simply head to our Order Tracking Page and enter your Order ID (This is a ID number you would have received in your email during order confirmation) and the Billing Email (email you entered while checking out, or the email you have for your account with us) in the fields shown on the page and click Track.

This will show you all information pertaining to your order status on the page.

In case you have any questions regarding your order, please feel free to Call or Whatsapp call us on 0317 1117333 or email us on

How Can I Return a Product?

A product can be scheduled for return within 24 hours after shipment/delivery ONLY IF (i) The Product that you have been sent is wrong (i.e differs in Color/Design/Type from your order with us) and (ii) The Product you have received is Broken/Missing parts.

For products scheduled for return will picked-up by our delivery teams from your shipping address in exchange of a new/correct product.

In any of the above mentioned cases, please contact us immediately on 0317 1117333 via call/message/whatsapp or send us an email at

To learn more about returns and exchange, please head to Funparey returns and exchange policy page.

About Our Products

Is There Anything I Have to Do to Protect My Product From Damages?

No, our Wooden products are coated with soft, clear, lacquer-based sealing wax  to ensure their longevity, and to give them a hint of shine. Just take care of them, by cleaning them every once in a while like you would do for any other wooden product. We also do not hold anything against the use of wooden polishes and shiners. However, we would like to remind you to keep the products away from direct sun light.


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