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Citizen 21 Jewel Wristwatch 4-R15836 RC


  • Brand: Citizen
  • Model No.: 4-R15836 RC
  • Movement: 21 Jewels Automatic with Hand-Winding Hack
  • Dial: Full LUMINOUS Stunning Green Sunburst Dial
  • Manufactured Year: 2000-2009
  • Additional Feature: Accurate Time Keeping
  • Case Dimension: 38mm
  • Condition: Has some dents on the bracelet

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CITIZEN Model No. 4-R15836 RC 21 Jewels

The Citizen Model No. 4-R15836 RC watch is equipped with a precise 21 Jewels Automatic movement, allowing for accurate timekeeping and the convenience of hand-winding when necessary. The hand-winding hack feature allows for precise adjustments and synchronization.

The dial of the watch is a stunning green sunburst design, which adds depth and visual appeal to the timepiece. The dial is fully luminous, providing excellent visibility in low-light conditions.

This particular model was manufactured between the years 2000-2009, showcasing its timeless design and enduring quality.

The case dimension of the watch is 38mm, offering a comfortable and balanced fit on the wrist.

Please note that the watch has some dents on the bracelet, which may affect its overall appearance but not its functionality.

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