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Handmade Long Throat Brass Vases 16″ (Pair)

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  • Handmade brass vases, 16 inches in length
  • Known for their durability and often treated as family heirlooms
  • Decorated with handiwork using the diamond cutting technique
  • Each vase weighs around 2 kg
  • Comes with Funparey safe order guarantee
  • Free shipment all over Pakistan

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Also Known As: Brass Vases, Handcrafted Brass Décor

The Handmade Long Throat Brass Vases 16″ (Pair) are a perfect combination of elegance and craftsmanship. Each of these brass vases is a one-of-a-kind work of art thanks to the talented hands of its creators. These vases, which measure about 16 inches in length, are sure to be an attraction wherever you decide to display them.

The vases are known for their durability and are often treasured as family heirlooms, passed down from one generation to the next. Their timeless design and exquisite detailing make them a conversation starter in any home. The diamond cutting technique used to decorate the vases adds a touch of sophistication and enhances their visual appeal.

Each vase weighs around 2 kg, giving them a substantial feel and ensuring their stability. The brass material used in their construction further adds to their longevity and resistance to wear and tear. These vases are not only decorative pieces but also functional, allowing you to display your favorite flowers or greenery in style.

When you purchase the Handmade Long Throat Brass Vases 16″ (Pair) from Funparey, you can enjoy the assurance of the Funparey safe order guarantee. Additionally, Funparey offers free shipment all over Pakistan, making it even more convenient for you to own these exquisite brass vases.

Add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your home with these Handmade Long Throat Brass Vases 16″ (Pair). Whether you place them in your living room, dining area, or hallway, these vases are sure to enhance the aesthetic appeal of any space. Invest in these timeless pieces of art and create a beautiful ambiance in your home.

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