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Premium Onyx Stone Glass Pair

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  • Clear white Onyx Stone Glass Pair
  • Length: 5 inches
  • Sold in pairs
  • Practical and suitable for home decor
  • Securely packed for shipping
  • Handicraft of Pakistan with Funparey safe order guarantee
  • Free shipment all over Pakistan with purchase

Also Known as “Onyx Stone Wine Glasses” also “Clear White Wine Glasses”

Indulge in elegance with the Premium Onyx Stone Glass Pair. These exquisite wine glasses, handcrafted from clear white onyx stone, are not only practical for wine enthusiasts but also perfect for enhancing your home decor. With a length of approximately 5 inches, these glasses offer a luxurious and refined experience.

The onyx stone wine glasses are sold in pairs, each one meticulously crafted to showcase the beauty of Pakistani handicrafts. The artisans’ attention to detail is evident in every aspect of these glasses, from the delicate design to the smooth finish. The clear white onyx stone adds a touch of sophistication to any table setting, making these glasses a statement piece.

To ensure the glasses’ safe arrival, they are securely packed for shipping, protecting them from any potential damage. The Handicraft of Pakistan is renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship, and these glasses are a testament to that reputation. Each glass is carefully made by skilled artisans, who pour their passion and skill into creating these exquisite pieces.

When you purchase this Handicraft of Pakistan from Funparey, you can rest assured knowing that your order is backed by their safe order guarantee. Funparey is a trusted platform for Pakistani handicrafts, dedicated to providing a seamless and secure shopping experience.

As an added bonus, you’ll enjoy free shipment all over Pakistan when you purchase these onyx stone wine glasses. Funparey takes care of the shipping, allowing you to focus on enjoying the beauty and quality of these exquisite glasses.

Elevate your wine-drinking experience and add a touch of sophistication to your home decor with the Premium Onyx Stone Glass Pair. Whether you’re hosting a special occasion or enjoying a quiet evening at home, these glasses will enhance any setting. Experience the artistry of Pakistani handicrafts and savor the beauty of these stunning onyx stone wine glasses.

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