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Wooden Tasbeeh – Anardana 99 Beads

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  • Made of polished wood beads and string
  • Beads are sanded smooth and vary in size/shape
  • Can be used as a decorative accessory

Wooden Tasbeeh (Prayer Beads)

  • Handcrafted wooden tasbeeh (prayer beads)
  • Made of polished wood beads and string
  • Traditional design with 99 beads divided into 3 sections of 33
  • Beads are sanded smooth and vary in size/shape
  • Includes decorative tassel
  • Handmade in Pakistan using traditional techniques
  • Durable, versatile and ideal for prayer, meditation or as an accessory
  • Comes with Funparey’s safe order guarantee

This Wooden Tasbeeh – Anardana 99 Beads features polished wood beads traditionally used for prayer and meditation. Handcrafted in Pakistan, the tasbeeh has a timeless design that provides a peaceful tool for spiritual connection or a decorative cultural accessory.

Polished Wood Beads: The tasbeeh contains 99 wood beads divided into 3 sections of 33. The beads are sanded for a smooth finish and vary in size and shape. Wood adds a natural, rustic feel.

Traditional Design: The tasbeeh follows a traditional Islamic design used for centuries. Its 99 beads represent the 99 names of Allah, making it ideal for reciting dhikr during prayer or meditation.

Versatile Uses: Though traditionally used for prayer, the tasbeeh also makes an elegant or decorative accessory. Its cultural craftsmanship and symbolism give it a peaceful, spiritual quality wherever it’s displayed.

High Quality: The tasbeeh is handcrafted to last, with durable wood beads and string. It can become a heirloom-quality piece that lasts for generations with proper care.

A meaningful expression of faith and identity, the Handmade Tasbeeh prayer beads provide a connection to Islamic tradition and spirituality. Their decorative details and cultural significance make them a cherished gift for friends or family.


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